Daily journaling cards you can take anywhere

The most convenient way to journal daily.

PurposeCards empower you to make every day successful with just a few minutes of focus.

Two-sided and the size of a credit card so you can take charge of your day from anywhere.


Current journals & apps weren’t doing it for us.

We wanted a simple + tangible way to help us stick to a daily journaling practice.

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Use anywhere in just a few minutes per day.

Complete the front side (sun icon) in the morning to set your focus and the back side (moon icon) in the evening to review your progress.

When the day is over, store your card in the box for easy reference and tracking.

Ready for a convenient journal practice you can stick to?

We are limiting our first production run to 400 orders.

We have 100 spots to join our Founders Club: a subscription to receive a box of 100 cards every 3 months for $19.99 (normally $22.99).

Additional versions of PurposeCards cards, including personal customization options, as well as a premium display box, are in development.

*Actual box may vary slightly as we finalize our vendors.

*Actual box may vary slightly as we finalize our vendors.